Playing Online Slots The Smart Way

Welcome to my little blog and I hope that you will find the information that I post here useful.
I have been gambling for a long time both in live casinos and I have since moved on to the online world.

Best Online Slot Bonuses

On this site I will explain why I now believe that online casinos are actually better than physical casinos. That is of course from the "money making" perspective rather than the experience. Don't get me wrong, if you have never been to Vegas and the many casinos that are there then you haven't lived.

You can still have a great time at physical casinos but I never visit them with the intention of trying to make money on anything other than luck. I will try and explain why now.

Physical Casinos Vs Online Casinos

While playing slots is my game of choice there are vast differences between playing online slots and slots that in a real casino. Below I will try and explain what for me are the most important differences.

Better Rates & No Queue

The first difference is that there is never a wait for a slot machine on an online slot. They are essentially software packages that work off of a specific algorithm. An online slot will payout around 95% to 98% where as a slot in a physical casino you are looking at rates at around the 85% payout mark.

Vast Range Of Different Games

When you play online slots there is certainly no shortage of different games. You will always get attached to certain online slots, but don't put all of your eggs in one basket and attempt to keep your options open. Most are designed to keep you gripped rather than just a level slot game.

Play For Free With Sign Up Bonuses

I play with lots of different casinos and for good reason. I use the advice from one great site called playslots4realmoney because the site owners over there always display the best bonus offers for online slots. Well actually they will show you the best sign up deals for the casino as a whole but you can always use the bonuses to play online slots.

I recommend saving their site address and checking back to it frequently as sometimes the casino recommendations do change dependent on the offers available. One element I love is that with such large bonuses it really is easy to sign up and get playing at a profit without even risking a cent of your own money.

Practice For Free

One major difference to playing online rather than in a real casino is that the vast majority will have a 'free' mode that allows you to practice on the games without risking any money. I like this because it means that I am able to work out a few quirks in the particular slot before risking real money.

Play High Jackpot Slots

When you are playing online slots you will find that it is much easier to play on slots that have far bigger jackpots. The reason for this is that they are essentially networked and you could have thousands playing on the same game at the same time. Make sure that you always have a look around for slots which have not paid out in a long time.

While the chance of rolling in on the life changing jackpot the chance of a higher payout win if far more likely. Don't get me wrong, someone will always win the money so try and play the games where the payouts are more imminent which will increase your chances of a good win.

Picking The Best Online Slots To Play

This really is simply down to a matter of opinion. The reason I say this is that the online gambling industry is heavily regulated and those who scream and shout about them all being a scam simply have nothing to back this up with. The truth is the online casinos overheads are far less which means that their payout levels are always that of a normal casino, if not better.

My personal preference is to pick the online casino which offers not only a good variety of games on the online slots but also those which offer the best joining bonuses. refer to the link I mentioned before to find the best deals available online at any one point in time.


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